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I’m a person who is always cold. Sweaters, jackets, coats- nothing helps, I just freeze all the time. Therefore, there are very few things that could take me out of the warm sunny weather of Tel Aviv to the cold air of The Netherlands. Armin Van Buuren and ASOT is definitely one of those few things.

I’ve attended festivals in the past, but I felt that as a trance lover, I must attend a festival that is all about trance music. It seemed as an interesting and even a mysterious event for me. My friends have been going to these trance events for years now, I’ve always been invited, but this year, having the opportunity to do so, I’ve decided to write down my experience and share it with the world.

"The moment I walked in, I felt the trance in the air"
“The moment I walked in, I felt the trance in the air”

After I decided to go, I found some sweaters I bought in London 2 years ago, borrowed a coat from my Russian roommate and got on a flight to Amsterdam.

I didn’t know what to expect, wasn’t sure what to bring or what to wear. Should I dress all fancy or just a tank top and some shorts? Soon enough I discovered that it didn’t really matter, because it’s just not the issue. Nobody cares about how you look: photographers are not going to choose you for the after movie based on your appearance, no matter if you show up wearing a banana costume or a slutty skirt. Because ASOT festival is a pure MUSICAL celebration.

The festival had more than 30,000 people attending it, over 30 DJ’s and four stages. Two main stages, a talent room and even a “Who’s afraid of 138” Stage for those who wanted to raise their heart beats even higher. That specific stage was a huge success and was packed for the entire show.

The event was broadcasted live from the A State of Trance Radio Dome and had its own area. Fans got special headphones and were able to listen to the main stage and to exclusive interviews with DJs.

The moment I walked in, I felt the trance in the air, like this awesome feeling you have when you listen to a song and everything just flies (you trance lovers know what I’m talking about!) The place was HUGE and it felt like it was endless, it was dark, but shining, gloomy but full of shimmering light from the stages. I got lost in there an endless amount of times, the whole place felt like a maze to me and I was lucky to have such nice fans and staff there to help me every time I got lost.

Having so many wonderful and talented DJs playing simultaneously, and the long distance between stages, it was almost impossible to decide which stage to be. Being madly in love with Arty and Audien’s music, I’ve decided to spend most of my time at main stage 2. At Armin’s set on that stage, he made it clear for everyone that this is a state of trance and played pure trance for over an hour.

"People from all around the world and from different verities of ages gathered there wearing ASOT and Armin Van Buuren t-shirts"
“People from all around the world and from different verities of ages gathered there wearing ASOT and Armin Van Buuren t-shirts”

Sure enough this experience was different, there were no fairies climbing down from the ceilings, no naked girls dancing on stages. The DJ’s stage was tall but you could barely see him, because it wasn’t about seeing him as if he was a theater act, it was about feeling his music.

People from all around the world and from different verities of ages gathered there wearing ASOT and Armin Van Buuren t-shirts, to celebrate the existence of trance music. People in their 40’s and 50’s and even older were standing admiring the vibe, proving that real love for music never goes away.

There were a lot of couples at the festival, couldn’t help but feeling jealous that they have found someone to share their passion for this music (maybe it’s going to be me and David Gravell one day who knows?)

I must say that the organization was phenomenal, coming from a country where organization is not the strongest point, I was really impressed of how good it can be.

It started from having plenty of clean toilets (that all had toilet paper- yes I’m a girl and that’s important!!!) to plenty of helpful and kind staff all over, lots of lockers available, maps and direction were handed out, the lines for food and drinks were never too long and there was definitely enough space for everyone.

"you name it Armin and I'm there! It was definitely an amazing experience."
“you name it Armin and I’m there! It was definitely an amazing experience.”

I was very surprised to see that people were very respectful and polite: nobody was pushing and the floor wasn’t too crowded, people had just enough space to dance and have fun!

I realized again that ASOT fans, were a different kind of crowd, nobody was there to see and to be seen, it was all about the music, there was something at that festival for every trance lover.

Now I’m sitting here in my warm country, after coming back with a cold (big surprise there) and I can’t wait to be back for another ASOT 710, 720, you name it Armin and I’m there!  It was definitely an amazing experience.

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